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How to Make Money

The following 13 money making tips are offered as suggestions, feel free to be creative and expand it to much more, there is also a Notepad at the end of this page to write your random notes.
No matter what the current state of the economy is, no matter what the unemployment rate is, some money-making basics never change, and remain true across time in all different kinds of economies. Here are some tips to make money:


Simple is better: Albert Einstein said once, "It takes a genius to see the obvious", sometimes the simplest things in life are the most powerful and you can do wonders with simple methods and tools.
Simple is also good because it’s affordable, low maintenance, and if you fail, it wouldn't have cost you a lot, and you can come back on your feet quickly.

Do what you love, and get paid for it: if you work on something you don’t like then many things might happen as a result, you will not be creative and therefore less successful, you will be bored and your time spent on such a project will feel the longest, it will be like a burden on you. Instead do things you love and get paid for it too, it's a win win situation, you're winning because you're having fun, and winning because you're making money.

Master your field: practice makes perfect! In a fast paced world, staying ahead of competitors is key element to success, to achieve that, you need knowledge, for knowledge is light. Success comes from wise decisions and determination; wise decisions can only be made with prior experience, wisdom and intuition. One needs to conduct a lot of research before starting with such a business opportunity. A number of millionaires have become millionaires because they take carefully studied and prudent decisions for their investments.

Get out of debt, pay your credit card: Credit cards are very tempting to use, that’s why you might buy unnecessary items with them, use them wisely and only when you really have to. Pay off your loans and get a new start free of burdens, because debt will keep you down as a slave forever. Adopt a strict “pay-as-you go” policy. Check our Budget Planner for more help.

Sell your unnecessary items: in crisis times priorities change, you might have many things in the house that you don’t need anymore, their value might be decreasing over time by sitting in the house, so if you don’t need it, sell it! you might buy with the money you get back something else which is more useful to you NOW.

Positive attitude toward money: think positively about making money, if you believe deep inside you that you can make a good amount of money, then chances are that you can make it, if you believe that it’s very hard and that only people who use tricky methods can make good money then chances are you may not be able to make it. Believe that there are many many ways to make money, if one doesn’t work for you, then one of the other thousdand ways should. Believe that you are only steps away from changing your life to the better.

Value your time and organize your life: life is short, therefore time is precious, what matters is not how long you lived, but what you did in your lifetime. Organize your life, have things planned, avoid making mistakes you made before, it’s truly a time saver. It’s said that time is money, in reality time is more precious than money, there will be time when one would offer all his money for just extra time and he will not be able to get it. So take advantage of that NOW since you have plenty of it. Have a list of the top 7 things you need to do this week, and try to REALLY do them. Don’t procrastinate, it will cost you! Similarly, you need to have goals (long term and short term), just like you do when planning to do 7 things during a week. Same plans but bigger and more ambitious! Believe it and you will achieve it!

Put your money to work: it’s very important to save money, but saving money for the sake of saving is not very exciting nor rewarding, invest on something, create a project... before doing anything with the money, first plan plan and plan, planning is the most important step. With good planning you can have very successful projects, sometimes for little or no money invested. All it takes is a piece of paper and a pen, don’t rush and put your money in projects or investments without planning, many people think that as long as they throw money at a project, it would definitely give returns back, that’s not true, and it’s foolish to think so. Put your money to work after careful planning!

After careful planning, set aside a good amount of money that you can use for your investment or creating a project. As in all investments, there is a risk of losing all your money, so you might want to set aside money that even if you lose it all, it shouldn’t affect your standard of living. That doesn’t mean that there is a high risk of losing all the money, but as the saying goes “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. Think of investments that might double your earnings, think big but wisely!

Market yourself: if you start a project or a business that you’re trying to make money out of, you need clients; but if no one knows about your business then you may not have clients. Advertising is a good way to spread the word, but try to keep its costs as low as possible. You can market your business sometimes for free, there are websites online where you don’t have to pay to advertise, also there are newspapers who offer free or very cheap advertising spaces. The point is try the free or very cheap methods first, sometimes they work better than the more expensive methods.

Control your spending: Making more money also requires the wisdom of “controlling the money” you already make, a penny saved is a penny earned, by controlling your spending you’re contributing in the process of making money. To do so you just need to monitor your spending, which will show you that you might be spending a lot of money on unnecessary things, or that you spend too much money on things that if you buy in bulk it would cost you less money. Once you monitor your spending you will discover that trivial things that you used to spend your money on, add up to huge amounts at the end of the year.

Visualize your goals daily: when you visualize you materialize! What you think about you bring about! Visualizing daily will keep you on track with your dreams and goal and fuel the excitement still deep inside you, which in return, will yield success.

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