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This page contains information about land, how big should your farmland be, what can I grow on my land, how big is an acre ... for your farm along with tips, instructions and useful techniques to help you start your own farm and living independently away from cities. Below are information about buying your land. If that's what you're loooking for then this is the place for you. Below you will find the most important aspects related to buying land, just enough to get you started, if you have any question you can visit our forum and ask our expert farmers.


How big should my land be?

A piece of land is of course the most important part of the farm. An ideal size for our creative farming project would be 4 acres of land, but that would be ideal only if the person is willing to spend enough time and dedication on that piece of land. A person might have 100 acres and might not get any harvest from it, because no time is devoted to it, and a person can have an acre and turns it into a paradise. So it all depends on the effort put into that one’s land, but for normal people who don’t plan to spend all their day working in the field, in the mean while, they’re are ready to dedicate 4 to 5 hours daily of work on their farm then 4 acres would be a nice size.

There is a common thing known between farmers, for every member of the family, one acre should be dedicated. So 4 acres of land would support a family of 4 comfortably. It is far better to have a small acreage of land and really do it well, than have a large acreage and scratch over it. It takes very little land to grow the vegetables for a family, if that little land is farmed to the utmost.

What can I grow on my land?

buying your land

You want to diversify crops and animals living on your land, doing so will help you reduce pests, fungi and weeds that like to infest a particular crop or animal. Variety is what we must strive for. Growing a variety of crops, and keeping a variety of animals, is more. Also, because it is better for the soil; each crop takes something different out of it, the pests and diseases of each crop die of starvation the next year when another crop occupies that piece of ground, the plants feed the animals and the animals feed the plants. It’s that simple.
A common sense suggestion would be to have half a dozen types of animals and 2 dozens types of plants, but of course you can adjust that based on the type of land, climate and size.
Rotate your crops, never grow crop after crop of the same species year after year on the same land. Nothing is more boring to a farmer or worse for the farm than monoculture (only growing one crop).

One acre of land would be enough for one cow and two sheep, 10 hens and 5 geese to graze on (they can graze on even a smaller piece of land but then you would have to consider buying hay from the outside). You want to give animals enough space to move around and live a healthier life. Hens if moved across pasture they do great good to it, scrapping out the matted grass, eating thistle seeds and other weed seeds and manuring it. Diversity! Diversity!

How big is an acre?

An acre, which is a common measurement of land area, is equal to 43,560 square feet. Usually an acre of land is compared to a football field. In reality, an acre is equal to about 76% of a football field, when you consider both end zones.
A football field (including the two end zones) is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide for a total of 57,600 square feet. When you take away the two 30-foot-long end zones at each end, the field is 48,000 square feet, making an acre about 91% of the field.

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This page is just one of many pages dedicated to sustainable living through organic farming and living wisely. Land will enable you become one step closer to food independance. This is beneficial to your health, peace of mind and lifestyle, great for nature, and reduces your carbon footprint. You can really do it yourself, grow your own food, raise your own animals, from simple means. You can go back to nature and sustainability one step at a time. Today land, tomorrow something else. That's why we have many articles that you can find on the left side of this page to choose from. Each time try to add something to your farm. Sustainable living is your ticket to true freedom. Enjoy the rest of our pages.
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