Inflation Hyperinflation Quiz

This page contains a test about Inflation and Hyperinflation, the quiz contains 10 questions, it might take you 10 min to finish, this test should be taken only for fun, the score that will be shown later doesn't necessarily show your real level. Have fun!


Inflation Hyperinflation Test

  1. What's "Deflation"?

  2. A fall in the general price level.
    An increase in the general price level.
    A decrease in the money supply
    A very serious form of inflation

  3. One of the following is not a "commodity" find it:

  4. Silver
    Live cattle

  5. Hyperinflation happened recently in one of these countries:

  6. Tanzania
    Weimar Republic

  7. The Weimar Republic was the former name of:

  8. Brazil

  9. Who is responsible for printing money in the U.S?

  10. Department of Treasury
    Federal Reserve
    Department of Finance
    Library of Congress

  11. What's "Stagflation"?

  12. Deflation + inflation
    Deflation + slow economic growth and high unemployment.
    Inflation + slow economic growth and high unemployment.
    None of the above

  13. In hyperinflation times people tend to:

  14. Buy bonds
    Put money in the bank
    Put money under their bed
    Avoid holding cash
    None of the above

  15. What's a CPI used for? CPI = (Consumer Price Index)

  16. A welfare program
    Main cause of inflation
    A Wall Street Index for stocks
    An inflation or deflation indicator
    None of the above

  17. One of the following doesn't happen in hyperinflation times:

  18. People tend to barter instead of using mone
    The purchasing power of private and public savings is wiped out
    People prefer to keep their wealth in non-monetary assets
    Gold price is very low compared to other years
    None of the above

  19. To survive hyperinflation, it might be better to:

  20. Hold cash
    Buy bonds
    Sell commodities
    Buy commodities
    None of the above