Survival Test

This page contains a test about a Survival Guide in emergencies, the quiz contains 10 questions, it might take you 10 min to finish, this test should be taken only for fun, the correct answers in the test below are only suggestions, and might not be always be the only or best solutions.


Survival Guide Test

  1. Before you treat unconscious victim, what should you watch for?

  2. Use the "S-O-S" method: sustenance, oxygen, sweat.
    Use the "A-B-C" method: airway, breathing, circulation.
    Use the "S-V-T" method: speak, vomit, tongue.
    Get the Defibrillator.

  3. What to do if stung by a scorption?

  4. Make a cut on the skin and suck blood out.
    Put ice on the injury and monitor your symptoms.
    Heat a piece of metal and slightly brush the injury
    None of the above

  5. How to perform CPR?

  6. Give 7 breaths, press down on the chest, give one more breath and stop.
    Press down on the chest once, give 3 breaths, push down again, and listen.
    Give two breaths and 15 chest presses. Repeat until paramedics arrive or person can breath without help.
    Press down 10 times on the chest, listen for breathing signs, repeat many times.

  7. How to treat someone who has gone into shock?

  8. Cover the person with a blanket and elevate the person's legs.
    Shake the person several times, and hold both hands up.
    Ask the person to relax and give a massage.
    Bring a cup of water and put one tablespoon of sugar in it.

  9. How to perform the Heimlich maneuver?

  10. Put one finger inside the person's mouth and look Foreign objects.
    Ask the person to stand up and raise both hands up, squeeze the chest from behind 2 times, until the object comes out of the mouth.
    Ask the person to lie down, squeeze their stomach 3 times until the object comes out.
    Stand behind the victim, put your arms around the waist and press on the belly button using your thumb side of your fists, jerking upwards quickly 4 times.

  11. How to increase chances of survival on a plummeting elevator?

  12. Jump up and down several times.
    Lay flat on your stomach, spread your legs and cover your head.
    Wait until the moment the elevator hits the ground and jump.
    Lay on your back, bend your knees, and lift your arms.

  13. What to do when caught on fire?

  14. Try to find water as soon as possible and pour it on you.
    Cross your arms over your chest, drop to the ground and roll yourself up in a rug, blanket or cover.
    Lay flat on your stomach on the ground, for 15 sec and then flip and do the same for 15 sec.
    Remove all your clothes that are on fire.

  15. How to treat a person who had hypoglycemic reaction?

  16. Give water to the victim, if unconscious, call 911.
    Cover the person with a wark blanket and elevate the person's legs.
    Give the victim sugar immediately, if unconscious, insert powder sugar under tongue.
    Perfom CPR, after calling 911.

  17. What to do if caught in an avalache while skiing?

  18. Try to stay on top of the snow by using a freestyle swimming motion.
    Remove your skiis, use them to push yourself upwards.
    Cover your head with both hands, roll like a log over the snow.
    Keep skiing atop the avalanche.

  19. How to remain floating in the sea for a long time?

  20. Lay on your back and float, relax and move your legs slowy.
    Bend your knees and bring them closer to your chest, and place your chin on your knees.
    Float upright, take a deep breath and put your face in the water with your arms above your head. Float until you need more air.
    Float upright, and use the butterfliy swim from time to time.