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Indian Seekh Kebab


Indian Seekh Kebab

Babur hired Hindu cooks who ground goat meat and spiced it up, wrapped around iron rods, slowly cooking it over open fire making Seekh Kebabs . The original skewers were made of iron rods with a diameter of about ½". Both ends of the rod were pointed to help threading meat. In late 1950s, I remember waking up to smell of roasting Seekh Kebab outside Jaama Masjid in Old Delhi. Normally, Seekh Kebab is cooked on an open charcoal fire. We will bake them in the oven. We will also use Bamboo skewers in place of metal skewers. You can use this recipe with mutton or beef as well.



Mix all the ingredients except Besan. Sprinkle Besan Tablespoon at a time to knead the mixture like dough. Adjust amount of Besan for dough like consistency. Let it rest for two hours. Pinch about 4 ounces off the mixture. Cover the Bamboo skewer with the mixture about ¼" thick along the length. The meat will look like a cigar which has been pierced length wise by the skewer. Preheat oven to 375º F. Bake for 25 minutes.


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